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Speaking Topics


Budgeting 101

Gain access to a money management plan that doesn't feel completely overwhelming! The key is to learn from start to finish how to create a money management plan and understand ways to execute it to garner the best results! The process may be a lot easier than you thought!


Financial Literacy

Personal finance is real life! We all want to live the lifestyle we DESERVE but do not always execute the best plan of action to get there! Let me give you the tools to discover more about your habits, what your needs are, and how you can get them met!


My Journey in STEM

If we are talking about money, we have to discuss careers! Learn about my journey as a Civil Engineer and how I was able to navigate the field. Black women are underrepresented in the engineering field and face many barriers throughout school and work. My speaking is infused with both humor and audience captivation to help minorities succeed in STEM!



Looking for someone to keep your panel lively, engaging, and worthwhile? I can bring my expertise, opinions, and communication skills to your discussion as a panelist or a moderator.


What They Say

I had such a great time working with Rachelle for our Budgeting 101 event. She took the time to understand what we were looking for and was able to deliver. She kept us in the loop of the material she was putting together. We received all updates and material on time and it was very professional. Can’t wait to work with her again! 

- Dharry Pauyo


Speaker Bio:

Rachelle Edouarzin is the founder of RaZin Standards - a brand designed to inspire others to lead a quality and attainable lifestyle through financial planning and organization. Rachelle offers unique insights on money management through various media platforms and has been featured with NSBE Boston, STEMedia, and The Black Bostonian. Using her knowledge of budgeting combined with financial literacy lessons life taught along the way, Rachelle empowers others to navigate their financial futures while maintaining a healthy balance between leisure and saving.

As a young professional, Rachelle maneuvers the Civil Engineering field with 5+ years of industry experience in traffic engineering, construction services, and project management. Her experience includes coordination with various public agencies and municipalities as part of the permitting process for some of the region’s largest private developments. Earlier in her career, Rachelle designed Temporary Traffic Control Plans for a variety of MassDOT Highway projects along with Construction Management Plans and Temporary Traffic Signal Plans for vertical construction projects in the city of Boston. She currently manages engineering projects and leads strategic space planning initiatives for various sites. She obtained her BS Degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

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