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Attainable. Livable. Luxury.

A Remote Design Service


at your fingertips.

Creating functional and beautiful spaces that reflect your personal taste is the ultimate goal at The Chelle Co. Through Virtual Interior Design, your dream space will come to fruition and the steps to bring it to life will be right at your fingertips!

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How it works

1: Inquiry

Fill out the inquiry form and tell us about your needs! We will recommend a service tailored for you!

3: Personalized Design

We begin the design concepts based on your project details and determine a plan that optimizes the overall function and look of the space.

2: Onboarding

You’ll receive a Welcome Package including a questionnaire detailing your design preferences, budget, measuring & photography directions.

4: Love your space!

All deliverables are compiled into a final design package and sent right in your inbox. Pull together your space in the easiest way possible!

Have Questions?

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