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Small Business - Makeup Studio (182 sq. ft.)

RZ WEB_Studio (1).png


The existing space was a 182 square foot makeup studio with two beauty stations and half window curtains. The goal was to add a luxurious touch to the space while also increasing seating for clients waiting for their turn. All elements shown in this visual (furnishings, paint, art, etc.) fell within the requested décor budget by using a combination of existing items in the space and new affordable additions to the room!

WALL COLOR: Contrary to what many believe, using a dark color on your wall can actually make a small room feel bigger. Deeper colors tend to blur the edges of the walls which can create this illusion of an expansive room. I used a combination of high contrast colors and reflective materials to open up the space and allow light to bounce around the room which can make a space feel brighter and even bigger!

CURTAINS: Due to the ledge along the window wall, I opted for hanging curtains from the ceiling to allow for a floor to ceiling curtain look. When hanging curtains from a drop ceiling like shown in the photo, you should disregard the use of a curtain rod. The drop ceiling tiles are also not strong enough to support the weight of a curtain rail, so opt for using clamps to attach the curtain tracks to the ceiling!

SHELVING: Using 3D modeling software, I custom designed this concept for a modern, stylish and affordable storage option. This DIY shelf cost under $130! Instructions for DIY ideas are included in the Standard & Premium eDesign Packages!

I kept the original tables and chairs in the space and swapped out the boxy mirrors for more of a sleek and modern look. The drop ceilings can be replaced for a different look, but to fit the budget, the ceilings and floors were maintained. The base of the existing chairs were also painted black to better fit the aesthetic!

Studio Before (existing).png

Identifiable features are removed or blurred from original photos.

​​​I use a detailed 3D modeling process to replicate any existing features that a client wants to keep in the room (like the wall color, flooring, furniture pieces, etc.). In this room, the existing tables and chairs were maintained.

Studio Before (3d).png
Studio After (3d).png


Now is the time to transform your space!



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