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Living Room, Dining Room, and Partial Kitchen (648 sq. ft.)

Hollywood Regency_Living Room (2).png


​The existing space consisted of a living room, a dining room, and kitchen with purple walls and lots of open space. The existing décor shouted glam, and I played on that aesthetic by giving the room a regal touch. I maintained the purple color in the space and softened it to add more elegance to the space. All elements shown in the visual (furnishings, paint, art, etc.) fell within the requested décor budget by using a combination of existing items in the space and new affordable additions to the room!

The existing dining table and chairs were maintained with a suggestion to paint/stain the window sill and table. The existing flooring, white couch and TV/fireplace setup were also maintained and throw pillows can easily be transformed with new pillow cases. Using
 3D modeling software, I custom designed this concept for a shallow marble wall around the fireplace. Instructions for DIY ideas are included in the Standard & Premium eDesign Packages!

Hollywood Before (existing).png

Identifiable features are removed or blurred from original photos.

​​​I use a detailed 3D modeling process to replicate any existing features that a client wants to keep in the room (like the wall color, flooring, furniture pieces, etc.). In this room, the existing table, dining chairs, and couch were maintained.

Hollywood Before (3d).png
Hollywood Regency_Living Room (1).png

Now is the time to transform your space!



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