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Concept Mini Package

Concept Mini Package


A Design Consultation email will be sent to you shortly after purchase with the following steps:

  • Complete the Design Style Survey

  • Provide current photos of your room. Measurements are optional but preferred.

  • Answer brief questionnaire about your space/needs

  • You may include any inspirational images that represent the interior style you're dreaming of!

  • Confirm the service agreement included in the email so your designs can begin!


If you would like design ideas for multiple areas, change quantity amount or check out the Signature Layout package which covers more area! 


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  • eDesign Revisions

    A “round of revisions'' is defined as any specified number of changes made to an eDesign before the updated visual is sent back to you. Once the updated visual has been sent back to you (with X number of individual changes), the round of revisions is complete.

    • For the Concept Mini Package, rounds of revisions (up to 3 changed items/features within a round) can be provided upon request and will be subject to an hourly designer fee.
  • Lead Time

    The design process for this package is expected to take about 1-2 weeks per room after the service agreement is confirmed and photos/dimensions of your room are received.

    • The delivery time for visuals is also dependent on your response time with email communication. Please respond to the Design Consultation email sent to you after purchase!

    • If images/dimensions of your space have not been sent to me within 20 business days of your purchase date, your service will be canceled.

  • Official Start Date

    All eDesign Packages have an Official Start Date.

    The Official Start Date is defined as the date the package is purchased unless otherwise stated on the package web page.

    For example, in the event that the designer's service booking slots are near full for a particular month, a message on the site may read: For all new orders made between [XX time frame] clients will be contacted by the designer with their project Official Start Date during the [XX time frame].

    In that instance, clients are not obligated to fulfill any project needs stated in their Design Consultation Email until the determined Official Start Date. 

    Purchasing a package during this period reserves the client's position on the calendar! All projects are handled in the order that they are received.

    This payment is refundable from the date package is purchased until 7 days after the Official Start Date or when the service agreement is signed, whichever occurs first. If requested, a full refund (excluding any taxes/processing fees) will be processed.

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