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Meet Rachelle!




Before RaZin Standards was born... 

I was Rachelle - a young Civil Engineer fresh out of college trying to make big girl moves as I navigated adulthood.


As a child of immigrant parents who entered this country with very little, our lifestyle made me accustomed to being very intentional about my spending. What may have seemed like a burden at a young age, is now the root of my financial achievements today.


What began as "9th grade me" reasoning how I should spend my first $100 check, evolved into "post-college me" understanding how to allocate every dollar of my income toward various aspects of my lifestyle so I could thrive financially, live abundantly, and feel at peace.


My current lifestyle revolves around living lavishly on a budget. Not “lavish” in the sense of material items, but lavish, quality life experiences that bring joy to both me AND my savings accounts.


RaZin Standards was created to inspire others to lead a high quality and attainable lifestyle while maintaining a healthy balance between leisure and saving! 

Your lifestyle includes your


Let me help you create a functional and beautiful space with hand-picked furnishings and décor tailored to your style, space, and budget!

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Where to next?

Upgrade your lifestyle!


Rachelle presented an excellent webinar during our Cracking The Code: An Economic Empowerment Series. I received many comments from our members telling me that the information given on money management was terrific.  It was just what was needed to get people started with creating budgets.

Rachelle has a great way of presenting material and connecting with her audience virtually.  She was also great to work with as our team was planning the webinar.  I would highly recommend Rachelle to your company or organization. In this age of virtual worlds, Rachelle is ahead of the game and doing great work. 

- Daryon Calhoun


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